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About Us

The Pure Portugal Holidays website is managed by a very small team in collaboration with Pure Portugal Ltd.
After working more than a decade on conventional jobs we wanted a more meaningful life so we quit our jobs and changed our way of living.
In the Spring of 2018 we agreed with Pure Portugal Ltd to take over the Pure Portugal Holidays project, so we created a new website and we have been giving much of our time to this cause. We want to help owners and people that also want to change their lives and come to Portugal for a more happy and sustainable life and at the same time provide the income we need for our expenses. We also provide the work-exchange section on the website to help the community where we don't charge for our services as a pro-bono.
We are always keen to help our partners and clients with questions about Portugal and all processes needed. We are also very grateful for any feedback, ideas, complaints, etc, so we can improve and give more value back to the people who use our site.
Happy stays in Portugal

About the Pure Portugal Partnership

Pure Portugal aim is to bring people back to the land and to encourage sustainable practices to enhance the environmental, social and economic life in Portugal, transforming areas back into thriving communities. Pure Portugal advertises properties for sale and Tiny homes in Portugal. Is dedicated to helping people along every step of their journey to living the good life, so also gives support through a professional services directory and support you marketing your courses and workshops.
We are connected to a big community of people who are looking to start a new life in Portugal. So, many of them use our Holidays and Rentals website to stay a few days and take a first impression from our country and/or for visit some properties for sale. Others come for a few months / a year to feel the country, build connections and see if they would really like to live here.
We have a very active facebook group, with more than 27,000 members, where the community share every day tips about how to live in Portugal. Once you are advertising your holiday/rental accommodation with us, we will promote your listing on this and other social media channels.
As you may have guessed from our name, we put particular emphasis on the traditional and natural aspects of both the area we work in and the properties we advertise. Many of the accommodations we advertise are built and/or renovated using traditional methods and local materials. Many of them also incorporate environmentally friendly design, alternative energy systems, and grow – or are suitable for growing – organic produce. We advertise farm stays, eco-hotels, country cottages, camping / glamping, town houses, venue hire, house sitting / work exchange opportunities and more!
If you would like us to advertise your holiday/rental or venue hire, please go to: Add Listing
More information about our packages available online: PurePortugal.co.uk

Advertising Short and Long Term Rentals

We’re an online advertising portal and publicize holiday and rental properties on behalf of owners or mediators (we’re not Estate Agents).
Our role is limited to publishing advertising provided by owners & mediators and providing a venue for communications about a property. We are not responsible for, and do not engage in, brokering or leasing advertised properties. Owners are responsible for the accuracy of their listings, please confirm any information (including pricing) seen in adverts with the owners before making agreements.

Internet Business

We are an internet-based business, so we have no physical office.
We’re in this business to enable us to live our dream, not to make huge profits - we are constantly travelling, doing housesitting, meeting sustainable projects and people - for this reason we use the email to connect with you.
If you would like to be in touch with us, please email us to team@pureportugalholidays.com
We are looking forward to hear from you!