How It Works

1. Choose your Listing Package

Go to Advertise with us and choose your Listing Package.

2. Submit Your Listing

For Holidays and Rentals Listings you will need to add:

Photos of your property with no watermarks

A description of your accommodation including the facilities, the number of guests that can be accommodated, including some information about the local area, your prices and anything that makes it special – for example being family, vegetarian/vegan, or pet friendly.

Please not include any reference to your personal data, such us email contact or other websites on the text description.

Don't forget to add your contact details, social media links, etc and all the other information where asked.

Select the relevant Listing Type for your accommodation. MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE EITHER WORKING HOLIDAY, HOLIDAYS OR LONG TERM so that it comes up in the correct searches. For best search results, please insert categories to your advert.

The list below includes some important information that will help us to categorize your advert and improve the search results.

These items are also often asked by our clients and to include it on your property description from the beginning will not only generate more interest as it will also save you time when replying to enquires:

Availability and for how long is this rental available

House: how many bedrooms, how many people can accommodate

Location: (examples) near a river, sea, in the mountains, in a village or city, rural.

Distance from nearest train, bus, motorway...

Amenities - cafe, shops, banks, doctor, school ...

Local attractions - historic town, river, beach, other places of interest...

Situation: Isolated / Private / neighbours ...

Access and car park

Property Features - woodstove/fireplace, central heating / pool

Utilities: Telephone, internet, electricity, solar?

We’ve made the process as user-friendly as possible, but if you have any questions of need any help email

Once you’ve added your listing it will be approved by us and we’ll let you know it’s been published to the site.

We do appreciate the time that we, clients and partners spend on this website, so please be aware that if we or the clients don't get any reply from you in 2 weeks after the enquiry, we might suspend your advert until we hear from you.

3. Promotion

Once your listing is published we’ll promote it on our social media and other channels. You’re also welcome to join the Pure Portugal – Living the Good Life Facebook group where you can promote your listing in the comments when people are asking for holiday accommodation, long term rentals, house sits and volunteer opportunities. We encourage you to post a link of your holidays and rentals listing, otherwise your post/comment will be removed by the admin. Se os rentals forem à comissão tem que se mudar isto!

4. Updates & Renewals

You can login to the website anytime to make changes to your listing. If you have any questions or issues email

You can view your subscription and listing details at any time by visiting the My Account page.

Your subscription will renew automatically each year till you cancel.

5. Cancellations

You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting the My Account page, clicking view on the subscription you want to cancel, then clicking the CANCEL button on the next screen.