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By Drew -

We travelled to Portugal on our last holiday in 2018 and fell in love with the scenery, the food and the people. We want to help others discover the beauty by promoting our website in Portugal and making it easier to travel there with home exchange. When your holiday house is vacant, swap it with one of our members and holiday in their place!

We started the website as a means for people to find a way of experiencing the world, without it costing a fortune. Why not use your prime asset – your home, to share the cultural experience?

So far, there is no registration fee and no money exchanges hands. We are very passionate in keeping with the spirit of our community. There are a few ideas we have in the pipeline for the future, to make exchanges easier but for now you can join up for free and start swapping right away.

“People Like Us is different from other exchange websites because it is built WITH its members. Not only because members enlist their homes (which is true for every exchange platform) but because members give advice and feedback on how to build the community, and they are taken seriously. The platform evolves with the members’ needs and that is unique”.

This was written by Marta, an Italian member of People Like Us, currently living in Ireland.

Since its creation, People Like Us has continued to attract an authentic, soul-searching community that thrives on similar values.

The website that offers house swaps in over 60 countries is proving to be so much more than just a travel option. People are connecting, they are forming a worldwide community of trust, sharing and integrity, where people care and think nothing of going the extra mile to please their guests. It’s not unusual for hosts to leave wine, hampers, flowers and other welcome goodies for their guest-swappers. There have even been stories of travel cots being brought in, bread from the local bakery specially ordered as a welcome breakfast and the option of pet minding. You see, these home-swappers become friends, they communicate, share and help each other to have the best possible experience in their patch.

With new houses being registered every week, it’s the Facebook page where over 25,000 comments and likes every month, suggests the unique engagement and enthusiasm of this like-minded group, who have “found their family”.

People Like Us has a filter for every request, whether you are looking for a beach holiday, a pool, an adventure or a honeymoon hideaway, just click on the relevant filter to find the perfect destination. There’s even a filter for our LGTBQ friends.

Drew continues to develop the site adding new features and doing house exchanges with the community

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