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Open to Partnerships

Pure Portugal Holidays is happy to work with people who have the same values and are keen to contribute to a more rural and meaningful life.
We are open to any kind of partnership with a spirit of mutual growth. We are also open to help any non-profit organisation with our advertisement, knowledge and connections that we relate to.

Local Helpers

We have demand for a specific type of rentals and locations, for our mid-long term rentals. So we are looking for people that are located on those specific areas and who would like to raise more rentals to our website.
If you help a owner to advertise his place on Pure Portugal Holidays on the long-term rental section of the website (monthly rates), a commission is payable to you if there's a successful rental from that advertisement. You will receive a 20% commission from the amount we receive.
This is best illustrated by an example:
If a property is rented for 6-months at €500-a-month, if you have recommended the property owner to Pure Portugal Holidays, you will receive a €50 commission.
To see what sort of properties our clients are looking for, please check the latest requests at:
Wanted Rental page
Generally people search for detached small houses, with 1 or 2 bedrooms, pet friendly with a small garden.

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