Main Spots

Discover the pure Portugal

All you need to know about the spectacular Côa Valley

Home to one of the most impressive displays of prehistoric rock art, with engravings being present in the rock faces. There are signs of Palaeolithic art, which reveals evidence of daily life during the Ice Age in Europe.

Christmas Villages

Christmas markets are a way to buy original and handcrafted gifts and, moreover, invite you to get to know local people, gastronomy and traditions. From north to south of the country there is no shortage of options.

Portugal Authentic Villages

The villages of Portugal are testimonies of the past and true sacred places where the memories and traditions of the people are still alive that still persist despite the friction of time. Here you can get to know the real Portugal, a Portugal that does not show up in the tourist guides. From north to south of the country, get to know this fantastic list of small paradises that await your visit.

Hidden Treasures In Central Portugal

The undulated valleys and dramatic, forested mountainscapes of Central Portugal quietly guard a modest and timeless beauty. Sleepy villages, waiting to be discovered, reachable by winding rustic roads, nestle into a landscape laced with idyllic river spots and spectacular panoramic viewpoints.

The Algarve Countryside

We have so many beautiful trees in the Algarve countryside. but one particular special one is the emblem of peace via extending its branches. The Olive Tree. Here are some in nearby Monchique.